One platform powering dozens of brands

One platform powering dozens of brands

Building and maintaining a digital platform used by millions takes close collaboration and a passion for solving interesting challenges. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams work with a carefully selected range of tools and technologies to build flexible services and capabilities that are continually expanded and improved.

Data engineering

Innovation and an iterative approach are key to the data engineering team’s mission: to provide Immediate with the best cloud-based platform for data consumption. We do this via the tactical development of dynamic data pipelines as highways, through which we are enabling intelligent business decisions.

PHP developer

The combined flexibility of WordPress’s CMS and the power of the Symfony PHP framework allow us to create the products our editors rely on every day. We make use of modern development tools and best practices, such as Composer, Docker, Object-Oriented Principles, Unit Testing and CI/CD.

.NET developer

Our .NET specialists build core membership and content products at the heart of our publishing platform. Using the latest tools and frameworks, we build containerised, serverless services for AWS and K8s. We encourage full-lifecycle ownership of all our services through commitment to infrastructure-as-code and DevOps practice.

UI developer

We use exciting modern technologies and agile development practices to engineer applications that are used by millions of visitors to our sites. It’s the variety of solutions that a UI developer delivers that makes this role especially interesting; one day you’ll be designing a new Node web service, the next day building a responsive UI component.

QA engineer

We're passionate about quality and strive to ensure consistent high standards are met across Immediate’s digital platforms. We act as QA advocates, integrated members of development teams, cultivating an environment of quality and encouraging others to consider quality assurance at every stage. We assess technical and business risks and ensure the execution of comprehensive manual and automated tests.

Scrum master

We help our teams deliver valuable features without distraction. We advocate for feedback, quality and ownership. We identify inefficiencies, anti-patterns and pain points. We guide our teams towards solutions and behaviours and adopt effective techniques that remove or reduce issues and improve our ways of working.

DevOps & SecOps

Our DevOps and SecOps engineers look after our cloud and hosting infrastructure, development tooling, maintenance and security of our core publishing platform. We work with tools such as Terraform, AWS, Jenkins, Fastly, build pipeline, Github, DataDog, Docker, K8s and many more. We regularly rotate between three mini teams to keep our thinking fresh, while supporting feature development and embedding best practices across the business.

Mobile app developer

We’re a growing team of mobile app developers, working with React Native on a green field project to build out our mobile app platform. Using modern development practices, we will be building new features and launching apps for big brands such as BBC Good Food and HistoryExtra and many more.

Hear from our engineers

“I like it here because I feel really looked after by Immediate and genuinely look forward to working with my colleagues every day.”

Luke Edwards

Lead UI developer

“Coming from the chaotic world of agency work, being with Immediate has been a breath of fresh air. It's been amazing to have the time to create well thought out and robust solutions for the exciting challenges we work on each day.”

Michael Smith

Senior PHP developer

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