User experience (UX), design and insight

Inspiring and rewarding work

Inspiring and rewarding work

We're obsessive about understanding what people do, why they do it and what they really want. We're collaborative from idea inception and problem solving to solution design. We're inspired: It's hugely rewarding to work with our diverse portfolio of famous brands.

User experience (UX)

Balancing business and customer needs

We're responsible for creating the experience design blueprints that deliver and support both customer and business. We use data and insight to support product design thinking, optimising experiences through multi-approach and multi-method research.

User interface design (UI)

Bringing experiences alive

Owning and developing the Patchwork multi-brand, multi-platform design system; to enable best practice customer-facing experiences, optimising brand experiences and creating engaging, rich, and inspirational features across numerous channels and formats.

User insight

Bringing user experiences alive

Working closely with data analysts, UX, UI and product management, as well as brands and customers to uncover opportunities, providing customer-led evidence and measuring impact.

The tools we use

Hear from our UX, design and insight team

“I enjoy how diverse the work is, using different tools and methods, and how I get to work with different teams”

Nichola Burrows

UX designer

“I’m passionate about understanding customers; what makes them tick, what they like and dislike and what drives their behaviours”

Dan Hopper

User insight lead

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