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We’re Immediate Media Co’s Product & Technology Platforms team. We’re a multi-disciplinary team over 100 people strong – and growing. Whether we’re experimenting, building an MVP, launching a new product or optimising a feature, we’re all about having a clear strategy and goals.

The problems we solve

Through our digital platform, Fabric, we build a range of digital experiences – built once, but delivered to many, enabling our brands’ customers to discover more about the interests and hobbies they’re passionate about. We continually innovate, finding new ways for our brands to diversify revenue streams and encourage deeper customer engagement.

Roles & capabilities

We are all product designers. We bring different skills together to identify and develop products to deliver both business and customer value. Not one team or person owns an idea or solution – we're in it together, partnering with our brands and central teams of excellence.

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Product & Technology is a key driver of Immediate’s overall business strategy. We have clearly defined objectives, aligned to business outcomes, that will make a difference. To meet those objectives, we support our people on their learning curve, providing the right tools for skillsets and the freedom within frameworks to drive change and deliver.

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