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It's our people that make us special

People: they’re at the heart of what makes Immediate a wonderful place to work. You’ll find engaged, responsive and supportive people who are eager to work with you at every level.


Collaboration is key; making the most of the experience, skills, knowledge and talent we have across the business. Our culture is open, transparent, and human – no siloes, no closed doors. We use collaborative methods and tools to ensure full transparency at each step. And we’ll always make sure that team members and stakeholders are included at the right time and in the right way.

Flexible working

Whether you’re full- or part-time, our flexible working policies means you can work from home or make use of our fully equipped office. When we do come together in person with our teams, we’re focused on making most of that valuable time.

Diversity & Inclusion at Immediate

At Immediate we respect and value differences. We believe that bringing together differing backgrounds and perspectives means we can create the most value for our people, readers, customers and society.

Improving diversity and inclusion in our company and content is a key priority for Immediate. We’re striving to create a more diverse, inclusive environment and to ensure our content is representative of all our audiences.

To help achieve this, we have developed a strategy focused on four key strands:

1. Empowering Network groups

2. Education & Training

3. Editorial & External

4. Recruitment & Processes

We have five internal D&I network groups to help our people feel supported and included, and provide an open environment for people to network, mentor and exchange ideas, solutions and experiences.

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