Product management & data science

Building products that matter

Building products that matter

How do we deliver great products and services for the consumers of our household brands? By using data to truly understand what is useful, compelling and delightful to them.

Our centralised content delivery platform, Fabric, allows us to develop products and services that enable our brands to thrive across many disciplines, from content to commerce.

Product management

Driving the product vision

Accountable for the ‘what?’ and the ‘why?’, our product managers lead their agile development teams. Supported by UX and design, and working in partnership with our stakeholders, they use data and experimentation to inform decisions, delivering engaging experiences customers love.

Data science

Behaviour-driven vision

Data science at Immediate is focused on innovative data products that drive user engagement through deep understanding of their behaviour. Our goal is to build experiences that are relevant to each user's needs and tastes. Data science plays a significant role in our product strategy and the future vision of our content platform.

Hear from our product managers and data scientists

“I'm fascinated by creating data products that have an impact on how users interact with our content and make user experiences more enjoyable.”

Jekaterina Kremneva

Lead Data Scientist

“It’s exciting to manage the product development of new features that will transform Immediate’s digital subscription business for years to come!”

Craig Humby

Senior Product Manager

Current roles in product management & data science


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